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Maps Mania: The 2024 Cicadapocalypse

a cicada brood map showing in which year cicada broods will emerge in the USA

2024 is ready to see the emergence of two giant periodical cicada broods. Each Brood XIX (13-year cicada) and Brood XIII (17-year cicada), are anticipated to emerge collectively in 2024 for the primary time since 1803. This double emergence has been nicknamed a “cicada-geddon” by some.

Periodical cicadas are native to jap North America. They spend most of their lives underground as nymphs, feeding on tree root fluids. Relying on the species, they reside both 13 or 17 years underground earlier than rising as adults. As adults periodical cicadas emerge in large teams referred to as broods. Practically all of the people in a brood emerge above floor inside just a few weeks of one another.

Axios has created a mapped timeline to visualise during which yr and the place within the USA every of the 13-year cicada and 17-year will emerge and during which yr there shall be a double emergence. On this visualization a map of the jap USA is encompassed by two time wheels (a 13-year and 17-year time wheel). Choose a yr on this map and the 2 time wheels rotate to indicate you which ones broods (if any) will emerge that yr.

The Axios article Is 2024 the Cicadapocalypse or a Cicadapalooza? additionally contains an interactive map which lets you enter a metropolis within the jap USA to see during which years town will expertise a cicada brood emergence. 

map showing past sightings of cicada broods

In keeping with the College Of Connecticut’s overview of the 2024 Periodical Cicada Emergence, though each Brood XIX and Brood XIII will emerge in 2024 they’ll “not overlap to any vital extent.” 

The college has mapped out previous constructive presence data of each Brood XIX and Brood XIII. On this map constructive presence data of Brood XIII are represented by pictures of upwards dealing with cicadas and constructive presence data of Brood XIX are represented by pictures of downwards dealing with cicadas. The map lets you see the place the 2 broods have emerged in earlier years.

The college additionally says that even when each broods do emerge in the identical space there in all probability will not be the next density of cicadas than if just one brood emerged, as a result of “Competitors for sources (e.g., meals, house, or ovipisition websites) is predicted to impose an higher restrict on cicada densities”.

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