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The 46 States of America & Every State Flower

close up of the flying donkey map game

Shut-up of the Flying Donkey map sport

Yesterday I had a variety of enjoyable shopping by the Osher Map Library. The Osher Map Library and Smith Middle for Cartographic Schooling, on the College of Southern Maine has a beautiful assortment of classic maps. Lots of which you’ll be able to view on-line.

There are many curiosities within the assortment, together with the Flying Donkey Sport, Yaggy’s Nature in Descending Order visualization and the Our Nationwide Bouquet map.

the national bouquet map of the United States

Sadly the Osher Map Library’s interactive Our Nationwide Bouquet map does not embrace the map key. Which means you solely guess every state’s flower from its hand-drawn image. Alternatively you possibly can seek advice from my Annotated Our Nationwide Bouquet map. In case you click on on a state on my model of the map you possibly can uncover the precise identify of the state flower.

The map was initially revealed by the US Flower Firm in 1911. The map exhibits 46 states (in 1911, Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico had been nonetheless territories, and Hawaii did not change into a state till 1959). Apparently most of the state flowers have modified since 1911. For instance the state flower of North Carolina is now not tobacco. Who is aware of why tobacco North Carolina now desires to be related extra with the flowering dogwood than with the tobacco plant?

I created my annotated model of the map utilizing the iiif manifest of the map from the Osher Map Library. To create the annotations for my map I used my very own Leaflet-IIIF-GeoJSON wizard, which can be utilized to view and add annotations to any IIIF picture utilizing the favored Leaflet mapping library. 

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