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The Lack of the Nice American Grasslands

an animated GIF comparing a USA map of grassland coverage in 1992 ans 2021

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Act for Grasslands. have teamed as much as map the lack of grasslands in america. Over 2 million acres of American grasslands are misplaced on common yearly. The results of which has a devastating impact on American wildlife. 

Utilizing historic satellite tv for pc data Map for Grasslands has tracked grassland loss within the USA during the last 30 years. By mapping and evaluating grassland protection throughout america in 1992 and 2021 Map for Grasslands is ready to visualize the unbelievable extent of grassland loss in simply the final three many years. Map for Grasslands has additionally created a small a number of visualization zooming in on the grassland loss in numerous areas of america. This visualization lets you examine 1992 and 2021 grassland protection within the Southeast, Midwest, West, and Northeast in additional element.

map of the USA showing the loss of range of the Northern Bobwhite quail superimposed on a map showing grassland loss

To assist clarify the impact that the lack of grassland habits has on wildlife Map for Grassland has additionally used an interactive map to plot the lack of animal species ranges on high of this grassland loss. This map lets you examine the lack of vary of numerous completely different animals and birds. For instance the screenshot above is a map visualizing the lack of vary of the Northern Bobwhite quail superimposed on a layer exhibiting grassland loss. You may see that the lack of grasslands within the Nice Plains has had a devastating impact on the numbers of quail surviving on this area.

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