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Each Ship Sunk in WWII

animated world map showing the number of Allied and Axis ship sunk in each year of the war

Over the course of the Second World Conflict greater than 20,000 ships had been sunk all over the world. Esri’s Paul Heersink has spent the final ten years scouring historic information to create and map the ‘most complete dataset’ of ships sunk in WWII.

Resurfacing the Previous is a captivating story map which not solely visualizes the place Allied and Axis ships had been misplaced in WWII, it additionally explores the WWII sunken information by yr, by measurement and by kind. For instance the animated GIF above exhibits the variety of Allied and Axis ships sunken in every year of the conflict. It clearly exhibits how the Allies “suffered devastating losses within the first years of the conflict.” Nonetheless by 1943 it was the Axis who had been dropping the battle for the seas. The map reveals that from March 1943 “the Allied forces sank extra ships each month than they misplaced.”

Mapping the sinks sunk in WWII by kind reveals that a lot of the ships that had been sunk within the conflict weren’t designed to be fight ships. Non-combat ships comparable to tankers, tugs, cargo ships and floating hospitals suffered probably the most losses.

The Resurfacing the Previous story map guides you thru the massive scope of Paul Heersink’s sunken ship information, highlighting a number of the vital tales that the info reveals. You too can discover the info for your self on the Esri dashboard map Sunken Ships of the Second World Conflict. This dashboard lets you map the sunken ships of WWII by nation, by yr, by the ‘nation that did the sinking’ and by belligerent (Axis, Allies or Neutrals). 

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