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The Vespa Map of Rome

animated GIF of a Vespa driving around the Dolce Activation map

That is yet one more map I found by way of the ever fascinating Net Curios, which is a weekly roundup of attention-grabbing issues discovered on-line (fairly often with an AI bent). This week Net Curios reviewed Dolce Activation, ‘a really content-lite web site’ however one wherein you get to drive ‘A TINY VESPA AROUND ROME!!!’

In reality Dolce Activation is little greater than a advertising and marketing marketing campaign for Dolce and Gabbana perfumes. Nonetheless the marketing campaign does characteristic this superbly rendered post-medieval map of Rome, full with 3D buildings. With a view to uncover a few of Dolce and Gabbana’s hidden perfumes your goal is to drive across the map on a moped and discover 4 of Rome’s most well-known landmarks.   

BTW, you do not have to drive the moped round. It’s also possible to use your mouse to discover Rome by dragging the map round.

I do not know Rome nicely sufficient to make sure however I feel Dolce Activation just isn’t an actual map of Rome. It seems to be like Dolce and Gabbana might have simply taken 4 well-known Roman landmarks and positioned them on an imaginary map of the town (though I could possibly be mistaken). For those who do need to discover an actual post-medieval map of Rome then you’ll be able to go to the Interactive Nolli Map Web site.

the Colosseum as seen on the Nolli map of Rome

The Italian architect and surveyor Giambattista Nolli’s ichnographic ‘Nice Plan of Rome’ is an astounding 1748 map of Rome. On the time it was simply probably the most precisely surveyed and drawn map of the town to have ever been printed. It was additionally one of many first ichnographic maps of Rome. 

The Interactive Nolli Map lets you discover Giambattista Nolli’s distinctive map for your self in shut element. The unique Nolli map contains round two thousand numbered areas across the metropolis. These numbers seek advice from the map index which names every of the numbered websites. On the Interactive Nolli Map these numbers have been made interactive. Once you click on on one in every of these numbers on the map a small window opens offering you with info on the chosen characteristic.

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