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Maps Mania: Previous Maps On-line

animated map of Europe showing changing country borders from 100 AD

Previous Maps On-line, MapTiler and the David Rumsey Map assortment have launched, a brand new interactive world map which lets you discover the historical past of human civilization over the past 6,000 years. TimeMap guarantees to throw open the doorways to the previous, permitting you to discover bygone eras, hint the shifting boundaries of countries, encounter historical past’s strongest figures, and witness the battlefields that cast the world as we all know it now.

You too can use TimeMap to browse over half 1,000,000 classic maps.

TimeMap has 4 foremost views: Areas, Rulers, Individuals and Battles. The titles of those views are pretty self-explanatory: 

  • Choose ‘Areas‘ and you should utilize the timeline management to view the altering borders of nations and areas over time, since 4000 BC. 
  • Choose ‘Rulers‘ and the names of particular person emperors, kings and queens and different vital rulers are added to the map. These names clearly change as you modify the date with the map’s timeline management. 
  • The ‘Individuals‘ view is much like the ‘Rulers’ view, besides as an alternative of rulers the map shows the names of notable people all through historical past. 
  • Choose ‘Battles‘ and you should utilize the timeline and map to view the places of army conflicts all through historical past.

TimeMap additionally makes intensive use of Wikipedia to offer context for the 6,000 odd years of historic info which may be browsed on the map. In any of the the 4 foremost views you possibly can click on on any of the map labels (whether or not placenames, rulers, battles or notable people) to study extra from the related Wikipedia entry.

TimeMap is considerably enhanced by additionally offering entry to over half 1,000,000 classic historic maps. Click on on the ‘Maps’ button (top-right) and a sidebar opens displaying you all of the obtainable historic maps for the present map view and chosen 12 months. You may then choose any of those classic maps to see it overlain on the principle map.

These classic maps present snapshots of the world at totally different factors in historical past. By layering these maps, TimeMap lets you visualize how borders have modified, empires have risen and fallen, and cities have grown over time. The maps themselves are after all vital historic artifacts. They replicate the cartographic information and strategies of their time, so TimeMap additionally helps reveal the evolution of map-making alongside the evolution of human historical past itself.

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