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The Secret Lifetime of Bridges

an animated map showing the cumulative growth of bridges in the U.S. since 1800

This superb animated map visualization exhibits the cumulative progress of bridges within the U.S. since 1800. The map reveals the event of mass transport over the past two centuries and the large function that bridges play within the U.S. financial system.

The animation is only one of numerous spectacular mapped visualizations in Esri’s Secret Lifetime of Bridges. The Secret Lifetime of Bridges is an Esri story-map which seems on the historical past of bridge building and in addition explores the present situation of the nation’s up to date bridges. There are over 618,000 bridges in the US. Esri says that “roughly one out of each 13 bridges – about 46,000 in whole – are thought-about to be in poor situation”. 

Utilizing interactive mapped visualizations of the grades awarded to bridges each 4 years by the American Society of Civil Engineers Esri has recognized the areas of the nation with the best proportion of bridges in a poor situation. This helps to pinpoint the areas of the US that are most in want of funding. The Secret Lifetime of Bridges consists of an interactive map which colours every county based mostly on the share of its bridges in a poor situation. Click on on a county on this map and you’ll view the nation’s whole variety of bridges, the typical age of the bridges and the share deemed to be in a poor situation.

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