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Maps Mania: The AI Music Map

Over the previous few days my Twitter feed has been lit up by folks sharing the songs that they’ve created on Udio. For the one or two cave dwellers on the market who’ve solely simply put in spelunking wi-fi, Udio is an AI-powered music era device which permits customers to create songs from a textual content immediate. The device permits you to create tunes with custom-made lyrics, vocal kinds, and musical genres.

As a result of I occur to comply with plenty of cartographers and geographers lots of the AI songs I’ve seen on Twitter have a map theme. Nonetheless Darren Wiens has to get a particular point out for creating the primary Udio-map mash-up. His Longitunes interactive globe permits you to click on on traces of longitude world wide to take heed to an AI-generated tune about that particular pole-to-pole section of the Earth.

After all utilizing music as a navigational aide is not new. Lengthy earlier than maps and compasses had been invented the indigenous folks of Australia had been in a position to navigate utilizing the songlines of the Gods.

Songlines, or dreaming tracks, are the creation myths of Indigenous Australians. They’re the paths that the creator-beings took the world over whereas naming and creating the options of the land. 

These songlines crisscross Australia and, if you recognize the songline, you possibly can comply with the routes that the creator-beings took throughout the nation.

By singing the songlines indigenous folks can really navigate huge distances, usually travelling via the deserts of Australia’s inside. You may study extra about songlines from totally different elements of Australia on ABC’s Singing the Nation into Life, which explores the songlines of various indigenous teams throughout the entire of Australia.

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