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The 2024 Submarine Cable Map

the 2024 submarine cable map presented as a globe

Yearly the telecommunications firm Telegeography releases a brand new, up to date model of its Submarine Cable map. This map reveals all of the undersea telecommunication cables which carry information around the globe.The 2024 Submarine Cable Map is now out there. 

Subsea cables carry telecommunication alerts beneath the oceans, speaking data between completely different international locations and areas of the world. Within the nineteenth Century the primary submarine cables had been laid to hold telegraphy site visitors. Within the twenty first Century submarine cables carry digital information. This consists of all our phone and Web information.

This yr’s model of Telegeography’s undersea cable map plots 529 cable techniques and 1,444 touchdown stations. The 2024 Submarine Cable map is accessible as a free obtain or you possibly can buy a wall map for $250. In earlier years Telegeography has typically experimented with completely different classic map kinds. This yr’s version is way more easy (which might be essentially the most wise design selection). 

One fascinating cartographic selection on this yr’s version of the map is the positioning of a number of the inset maps on high of the huge Russian landmass. These inset maps present a close-up view of nation touchdown stations and the cable techniques which they serve around the globe. Usually you would possibly count on inset maps to be positioned within the ocean, and within the corners of a map. Nonetheless as a result of the key focus of a submarine cable map is the oceans and coastlines it is smart to place inset maps inland (though the central prominence of the Egypt hub makes little geographical sense and will owe extra to the truth that the map is sponsored by Telecom Egypt). 

You may discover Telegeography’s Submarine Cable Maps for earlier years simply by altering the yr within the map’s URL. For instance, certainly one of my favourite Telegeography maps could be discovered at This 2015 map was impressed by medieval and renaissance cartography and contains a classic map model containing sea monsters, cartouches and border illustrations.

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